Momentum and Mission

Building Stronger Communities Through 30 Years of Partnership

For 30 years, the mission of OCCH has been to cause the construction, rehabilitation, and preservation of affordable housing. Our vision of helping our partners create affordable, sustainable communities that empower residents and enrich their lives sparked the momentum in 1989 that today, in collaboration with our partners, has helped us raise $4.25 billion in private capital for investment in affordable housing.

We are passionate about what we have already done and what we still can do together with our partners to provide affordable housing opportunities enhanced by supportive services to help build sustainable communities that provide greater opportunities and empowerment in the lives of our residents.

Letter from the President


2018 was an important year for OCCH. Following the first major change in the tax code since 1986, OCCH has had a banner year of raising and investing private capital in 42 quality affordable housing developments. And organizationally the OCCH Board of Directors completed the search for my successor: Peg Moertl of Cincinnati. She will be only the third CEO for OCCH and took the reins as I leave the position I have held for 26 years and assume the title of President and CEO Emeritus.

The 2018 Annual Report details our accomplishments that are only possible because of the trust and confidence our partners place with us. I would like to take the opportunity to reflect on and thank the people and organizations that have been critical to our success as we move into the 30th year of existence.

First, congratulations Peg! I am thrilled to have you take the lead and move OCCH forward.

Second, thank you OCCH Board of Directors for supporting me and our staff as we have grown and faced challenges over the years! There have been some rough times such as during the financial crisis, and bold moves such as creating CPO. And all along Dan Slane, Carol Peterson, and other chairs and board members before, stayed the course as we stayed true to our mission.

Third, we are blessed to still have a long tenured staff even as we have brought in new younger, future leaders. We talk about the importance of relationships, and the historical context of those relationships is so important.

Fourth, we have been very fortunate that OHFA has been such a great partner over the years. State government is a political animal and we are darned lucky that politics, even when it got ugly at times, did not rupture our relationship with the hardworking folks at OHFA, or KHC for that matter. We (OHFA and OCCH) have worked hard to preserve and grow the relationship. It has benefitted both organizations as well as the Ohio affordable housing community.

Lastly, thank you, OCCH staff for supporting me and following me since I took the helm in April 1993. You are the folks that have done the hard, tough work over the years. I know that and you know that. And that includes CPO staff!

A few other thoughts that I have shared with staff:

Who we have been, are and need to be.

Smart, nice professionals that care about our partners, our coworkers and our mission. We are creative problem solvers that look to do things better than we have before, whether it is structuring an investment fund during tax reform, an information management system now known as PIXUS, unit turns at CPO, equity disbursements, etc. We draw inspiration from each other, our partners, and our residents in our daily work.

What we cannot forget.

OCCH is an intermediary that depends on meeting the needs of our investment and development partners. Without them we do not exist. Our investors have the confidence that we will deliver a return, make quality investments and protect their assets. Our developers have the confidence that we will give competitive pricing, fund when they need capital and work through issues that inevitably occur in real estate with a win-win approach. We cannot forget: partners come first.

Where we are.

OCCH is better and stronger than any time in our 30 year history. Consider:

    • Great board and staff leadership

    • Strong balance sheet

    • Vibrant investor and developer relationships

    • Strong portfolio performance

    • Wonderful relationships with HFAs and all affordable housing trade association and advocacy groups

    • Affiliates:

    CPO continues to grow and maintain its clear focus on highest quality management and resident impact.

    OCFC is expanding its products with an incredible track record of obtaining grants, leveraging capital and executing lending.

    OCIC has significant capital to invest in the human capital of our residents and communities with huge opportunities for innovation and growth.

Where we need to go.

This is certainly no longer my call but I know it will be guided by the needs of our partners and the communities and residents we serve.


Hal Keller

Our Team

950 years of real estate experience; over 800 years of affordable housing experience

The OCCH staff’s experience, performance, and innovation in affordable housing development, investment, construction, finance, and asset management has made OCCH a leader in tax credit syndication. We are committed to our partners by helping fund affordable housing developments, building strong, enduring relationships, and creating viable, stable communities that help families and individuals thrive. Our staff are champions of our mission and the affordable housing industry.

Senior Leadership

Peg Moertl

President and CEO

Hal Keller

President and CEO Emeritus

Tony DiBlasi

Chief of Asset Management

Merydith Greene

Chief of Development

John “Jack” Kukura III

Chief Investment Officer

Jennifer Mullaney

Controller OCCH, Chief Financial Officer of OCFC

Joe Pimmel

Director of Policy and Programs

Nancy Tallman

Vice President of Human Resources

Jon Welty

Vice President OCCH, President of Ohio Capital Finance Corporation

Sue Ziegler

Chief of Staff

Asset Management

Raymond Butler

E-Learning Strategist and Multimedia Designer

Danielle Carman

Asset Manager

Susan Goss

Asset Manager/Data Analyst

Tom Kindron

CPA, Senior Asset Manager

Chris Ledwin

Senior Asset Manager

Royce Lewis

Vice President

Tina Limo

Senior Compliance Specialist

Janice Rausch

Asset Manager

Ken Schaefer

Asset Manager

Melanie Shapiro

Director of Compliance and Training

Will Shelby

Asset Manager

Casey Swemba

Investor Reporting and Special Assets

Wolfgang Teran

Director of Dispositions

Lori Tillis

Vice President

Anthony Tynan

Asset Manager

Keith Wilbur

Compliance Coordinator


Nick Balow

Development Officer

Myia Batie

Development Analyst

Brad Carman

Vice President

Brian Langmeyer

Vice President

Elizabeth Long

Vice President

Jimmy McCune

Development Analyst

Annie Ross

Development Analyst

Jan Trego

Development Assistant

Emily Moser

Development Analyst

Simone Malone

Assistant Development Analyst


Sharon Anderson

Accounts Receivable Specialist

Lori Conrad

Reserves Specialist

Casey Hinkle

Vice President, Corporate Accounting

Mackenzie Rawlings

Fund Accountant

Tamara Samuel

Equity Specialist

Cindy Strawser

Accounts Payable Specialist

Tamara Thelen

Program Manager, Ohio Homeowner Assistance

Jake Heady

Fund Accountant

Elena Birkdar

Accounting Coordinator

Tim Prince

Corporate Accountant

Fund Management

Joe Erdeljac

Construction Manager

Brian Graney, Esq.

Vice President

Jay Hartranft, Esq.

Corporate Counsel

Kip Lewis

Director of Construction Management

Stephanie May, Esq.

Closing Attorney

Lori McMillan, Esq.

Director of Underwriting

Becky Stanley

Fund Analyst


Millie Hurtt

Vice President of Affordable Housing Lending

Michelle Woodmansee

Vice President of Community Development Lending

Shared Services

Sharon Alban

Administrative Assistant

Kathie Bowen

Administrative Assistant

Mike Hennessee

Help Desk Support Specialist

Lynn Logan

Administrative Assistant

Mary Kay Meagher

Director of Operations and Communications

Chris Miller

Software Engineer

Nancy Rodgers

Human Resources Coordinator

Shirlene Smith

Administrative Assistant/Receptionist

Rhonda Snyder

Event Coordinator

Joseph (JP) Sorah

Administrative Assistant

Board of Directors

The OCCH Board of Directors provides the visionary direction, oversight, and philosophy in guiding OCCH in fulfilling its mission. The Board is comprised of knowledgeable and experienced community leaders who are prominent experts in their respective fields and the affordable housing industry.

Daniel M. Slane, Chair

Owner, The Slane Company, Ltd.

Susan E. Weaver, Vice Chair

Retired, Former Executive Director
Community Housing Network, Inc.

Robert J. Weiler, Sr., Secretary

Chairman of the Board
The Robert Weiler Company

Thomas T. Loos, Treasurer

Retired CPA, formerly with RSM McGladrey

Grady P. Appleton*

Retired, Former President & CEO
*Ohio Equity Fund, Inc. Board only

Jeanne M. Golliher

President & CEO Cincinnati Development Fund

Dennis S. Guest

Retired, Former Executive Director
Columbus Metropolitan Housing Authority

John Lee

Retired, Former President & CEO
Ehrlich Bober & Co

Richard McQuady

Director, Office of Affordable Housing
City of Lexington

Angela Mingo

Community Relations Director
Nationwide Children's Hospital

OCCH Financials

Statement of Financial Position


Unrestricted Cash35,643,88343,000,295

Restricted Cash23,830,76124,773,236

Accounts Receivable (net of allowance)1,305,241940,229

Office Furniture and Equipment (net of accumulated depreciation)222,848127,816

Other Assets7,573,3503,960,074

Investment in Operating Entities35,397,56643,141,585


Statement of Financial Position


Unrestricted Cash



Restricted Cash



Accounts Receivable (net of allowance)



Office Furniture and Equipment (net of accumulated depreciation)



Other Assets



Investment in Operating Entities






Liabilities and Net Assets

Accounts Payable1,069,0411,635,934

Other Accrued Expenses and Liabilities4,362,1484,610,552

Deferred Income14,298,08615,395,667

Project Partnership Cash Reserves1,825,0551,825,055

Mortgage and Other Notes Payable20,79919,599

Grants Payable-0


NET ASSETS$82,398,520$92,456,428


Liabilities and Net Assets

Accounts Payable



Other Accrued Expenses and Liabilities



Deferred Income



Project Partnership Cash Reserves



Mortgage and Other Notes Payable



Grants Payable











Statement of Activities


Acquisition and Consulting Fees14,804,00314,043,305



Statement of Activities


Acquisition and Consulting Fees










Program Services23,136,70523,170,745

General and Administrative973,467890,275

Loss (Gain) from Investment in Affiliated Entities(7,018,808)(7,744,019)


Change in Net Assets$8,016,463$10,057,908


Program Services



General and Administrative



Loss (Gain) from Investment in Affiliated Entities






Change in Net Assets